It’s easy to be a hiring manager in the life sciences…said nobody ever. The truth is that the recruiting process is becoming more challenging, and it requires a very creative strategy to be successful. For instance, it can be not easy to get candidates to consider your job offer when they are receiving several others at the same time. Still, the best way to hire more of the right people starts with avoiding these hiring mistakes.

Sub/Unconscious Bias

A majority of hiring managers get in the habit of hiring candidates that share the same race, education level, personality traits, values, etc., as they do because it feels safer than the alternative. Although some good employees can be found this way, hiring only the people you like or sharing the same hobbies with doesn’t always mean they will be the best fit for each position. Making biased hiring decisions is a big mistake because it results in less diversity around the biotech industry. But, companies can avoid these mistakes with a more objective hiring process. Review your hiring metrics to discover if there are any patterns concerning gender and race. Then, it’s essential to get more creative in collecting data on candidates. For example, start supplementing conversational interviews with behavioral interviews, psychometrics, etc., to remove any bias from the hiring process further.

Inconsistent Hiring and Interview Processes

There’s already an excessive amount of information out there discussing the adverse effects of slow hiring. Since the best candidates are also in the highest demand, those contract research organizations with efficient recruiting methods have the most success. Keep the interview process consistent with well-rounded questions to avoid major hiring mistakes like violating discrimination laws. Instead, focus on making candidates feel comfortable by showing off a positive work culture and selling the unique benefits of the position.

Inaccurate Job Specifications

Job descriptions that don’t accurately reflect the specific requirements of pharmaceutical careers are an expensive mistake to make. One of the first steps of the hiring process should always be to define the essential criteria of the position, including title, location, experience, skills, etc.

These are just a few of the most common hiring mistakes in the life sciences. Some others should be avoided, too, like failing to conduct background checks, overvaluing qualities that don’t relate to the position, and setting too broad a candidate filter.



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