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Priority Search Option

Brio Priority Search

There’s a reason that A-level talent are hard to find. These individuals comprise only the top 10% of the talent pool, and they’re rarely in the job market for long, if at all.

When a personnel search is contingent and non-exclusive (as most staffing firm searches are), mediocre results inevitably ensue as recruiters race the competition to present resumes from the same pool of readily available, B and C level candidates.

At Brio Resource Group, our clients come to us because they are looking for a different result than what their internal recruiting staff or contingent search firms have been able to produce.

Our Priority Search engagement offers a more committed, consultative and focused approach to uncovering the specialized A-level talent of critical importance to your firm.

Our proprietary Priority Search Process ensures results, with fill ratios above 94% and your satisfaction guaranteed.

Shared Commitment = Superior Results

Brio’s Priority Search is the solution for clients that want the proven outcomes of a retained search, but with the speed of service, cost effectiveness and payment structure of a contingency search.

Priority Search is a hybrid process offered by Brio Resource Group with fill rates > 94 %.

Our performance-based fee structure is designed to ensure a mutual commitment to results. A minimal up-front compensation is required to initiate the search services, with the balance tied to achievement of clearly defined and mutually agreed upon milestones.

This committed engagement structure enables us to initiate a deeper level search than traditional contingent recruiting.

We go beyond the job boards and focus on the passive job seekers, leveraging our sourcing network which provides us access to > 500,000 candidates within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Device industries, and we directly source from within target niches and organizations to produce the A-level talent you’re looking for.

We also serve as your trusted advisor, lending our many years of pharmaceutical recruiting experience to advise on the current talent market, and the formulation of search strategies and candidate marketing plans.

Brio Priority Search is the search method of choice for firms that are serious about results in the battle for top talent.