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Why Brio for Clients

Why Partner with Brio?

Growing companies are experiencing historical challenges in their efforts to identify and land key talent. The demand is insatiable and the competition fierce in this War for Talent.

Emerging biopharma, pharmaceutical, and clinical development organizations turn to Brio Resource Group when internal recruiting efforts and traditional contingent search firms fail to yield top-level talent within competitive timeframes.  We combine our proven best-recruiting practices with industry subject matter expertise to produce the A+ Human Capital that today’s growing companies demand to stay competitive.

Consider the following as you consider your search firm of choice:


Think about the amount of time it takes for your hiring managers to identify, screen, interview, negotiate, and hire the best potential candidate. An experienced Search Consultant is an expert with a proven process, resources, and a team to support the challenging process of hiring difficult to land talent. We search, screen, qualify, and present only those candidates who meet the predetermined requirements saving you and your company substantial time, energy, and cost per hire.

Passive Candidate Pool

More often than not the best candidates in the industry are gainfully employed, highly regarded by their current employers, and not actively looking for a new position.  Therefore these candidates are not likely to know that your job opportunity even exists even if it is a better opportunity for them. They simply are not spending the time looking for a new job, yet dedicating their time to performance. A Search Consultant’s skill is in sourcing the right candidate, not the most available candidate! There are no shortcuts. The only way to consistently hire the most talented people is to find all of them and then approach each of them. An effective Search Consultant will do this by making thousands of phone calls and connecting deep within a network that is painstakingly built.

Access to A+ Talent

We take pride in delivering the impossible to find, top 5% talent pool to emerging companies hungry for top producers, individuals who are typically two levels promotable within 18 months.


Many times a hiring manager is left to guess what is motivating a candidate. A candidate is much more likely to be transparent with a Brio Search Consultant as to why they would consider making a career move. Our recruiters act as a third party negotiator concentrating on bringing the two parties to a mutually beneficial relationship. What’s more, their reputation is reliant upon their ability to clear red flags, ask tough questions, and mitigate risks to ensure both parties are making a good decision. The best candidates can be recruited in partnership by the combined efforts of a Brio Search Consultant and a successful hiring manager.


We fully understand the need for speed. Utilizing our Brio Search Method on average we represent up to 3 quality submissions with the 7- 10 days with a 100% interview request rate. Our Time to Fill is typically less than 20 days on the majority of our searches.

Search Process

Our proven 10 step search process delivers fill rates greater than 94% when utilizing our Priority Search option. We employ a collaborative approach with our clients creating a customized search strategy. We believe in doing the heavy lifting by executing direct recruiting campaigns speaking to hundreds and thousands of viable candidates.  We clearly communicate our client’s market value proposition and go beyond the candidates’ on-paper qualifications, screening for alignment in their motivators and ability to commit.


Our key performance indicators speak for themselves:

1:1          Submission to Interview Ratio

94%       Fill Rate with Priority Search

96%       Client Satisfaction

92.5%    Placement Retention Rate

100%     Client Repeat Purchase

No-Risk Guarantee

We back up our claims with proven results and no-risk engagement structures to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied and on their way to the successful clinical outcomes and product launches the biopharma industry demands.

Ask yourself?

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