Leaders play a critical role in retaining the best talent. If leadership is strong, employees want to work for the company and will be motivated to succeed. It’s important for leaders to be figures that employees look up to and create an environment where they will thrive. Here are some of the main reasons good leadership improves retention and how you can improve your own leadership to get the most from your team.

Employees Feel More Connected

When there is strong leadership, employees feel more connected. This is especially true for remote workers. Often times, remote workers only hear from supervisors when there is something wrong. Remote employees often feel alienated and this leads to low morale and engagement. But if leaders communicate regularly with off-site employees on a regular basis, they will feel a stronger connection to the company, and will be more likely to stay.

More Support

Strong leaders give their employees more support. Organizations with poor leadership often lack any kind of career development mentorship. Career development is an excellent way to help employees grow and achieve, while also gaining their respect, loyalty, and trust. Most employees value skill training because it challenges them and gives them the satisfaction of knowing they are learning and improving. Employees want to test their limits, so give them the resources they need to push themselves.

Better Feedback

Great leaders do more than just annual reviews. When you only give feedback during an annual performance review, employees don’t know what they’re doing well. Most annual reviews focus too heavily on what the person is doing wrong or include vague sentiments like “room for improvement.” If you provide more consistent feedback, you have more opportunity to show appreciation and give compliments. This, in turn, helps improve morale as well as retention.

Be Consistent

One trait that strong leaders share is consistency. Employees need to know what to expect from their managers. Consistent leadership is supportive and offers a sense of security. Employees want to know they can anticipate regular communication and fair treatment. They want to know they can expect to be treated with respect. Having this consistency will improve retention by building trust between you and your employees.

Improving leadership is the first step in improving retention. One of the biggest reasons people quit their jobs is because they dislike their boss. If you want a highly motivated and loyal team, you need to be someone your employees respect and someone they enjoy working for. You also have to show them that you are invested in their success. Show them you care about them and want to help them develop the skills and experiences they need to grow.


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