A job search can sometimes feel like running a marathon. You may see other job-seekers sprinting past you, yet a strategy of staying slow and steady more often wins the race when it comes to a job search. Here are some ways to stay positive on your job search.

Be Selective

Instead of broadcasting your resume across the entire biotech and pharmaceutical industry, the key to a successful job search is being smart about the opportunities you choose. It can be tempting to mass mail your resume to every job opening that you find online but doing so will make you seem desperate to hiring managers. Consider your circumstances when choosing where to send your resume. Consider the location, culture, and role before applying. Don’t assume that just because you have all of the skills in a job listing that the position is right for you. Candidates who use a targeted approach are more likely to get an offer than those who apply to every position for which they are qualified.

Be Prepared for Interviews

You are more likely to make a positive impression on hiring managers by researching the company before your interview. Look for current news releases and employee reviews that are listed online to gain some insight about the work culture of a company. You can learn about what kind of people are employed at an organization by reviewing LinkedIn and reading blogs. Practice answering common interview questions in front of a mirror. Share specific quantifiable achievements you made in your past role. Create a list of thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer when prompted.

Be 100% Committed

Rejections are part of the job search process; it’s how you handle them that matters. Stay confident and remember that not every job is the right fit for you. Your dream job is out there and the only way to land it is by persevering and refusing to settle for the first offer that comes along.

It’s easy to become pessimistic during a job search because you don’t know when the first offer will come and whether or not it will be the right fit for you. You can remove the guesswork by being selective about the jobs for which you apply. After pinpointing the best matches to your qualifications, focus on standing out from the competition with interview preparation. Going all-in will help you land your dream job in the biotech or pharmaceutical industries.


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