If you are working in clinical research right now, then you may have abandoned any sense of a work-life balance during this stressful time. Working remotely with the uncertainty of how the industry will fare in the midst of an economic slowdown can be unnerving. For some, it means working longer hours to keep yourself busy. Others may be juggling work and trying to care for kids or other family members. Yet, maintaining a healthy balance between professional and personal obligations is essential for improving your productivity and mental health. Here are some tech tools that can help you strike a sustainable balance between work and the other aspects of your life.

1. Monitor Sleep Habits

Your overall health and well-being is directly linked to the quality of your sleep. For those of you between the ages of 18-64, the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of rest every day, yet many of us simply are not getting the hours of sleep we need to perform optimally and manage stress. There are some great tech tools to help you get more sleep so you can maintain your health. SleepCycle is one app that analyzes your movements while you sleep and will wake you during your lightest sleep stage so you feel more rested. It’s a smart way to start getting a clearer picture of how much deep rest you are getting and can show you how to improve over time.

2. Time Blocking and Breaks

From people talking and phones ringing to doors closing and office gossip, traditional office settings can be a quagmire of distractions. Luckily, many CRAs already work remotely. But working at home can come with its own set of distractions. One way to stay focused and productive is to use the Pomodoro Technique. This method includes working for set amount of time and then taking a timed break. After the fourth cycle you take a 25 minute break. The web-based Tomato Timer is a simple tool that can be used to set these work/rest intervals. It has been tested and shown to be highly effective at keeping you in a peak state of performance and increasing productivity without increasing the amount of time you work. It’s also a great way to include more movement in your day.

3. Get Virtual Help

Delegating is often considered the secret weapon to getting more work done. Hiring on-demand virtual assistants or freelancers is an effective strategy for outsourcing those time-consuming tasks in both your personal and professional life. Virtual assistants are great for managing files, inboxes, scheduling, etc. Assistants can also be hired for many other duties that can leave you feeling overwhelmed after the workday such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, yard work, and making your deliveries.

The current quarantine is a perfect time to get more focused on improving your overall well-being by balancing work and life. We are all under more stress from the uncertainty that the world is experiencing from the coronavirus. Managing our health and maintaining productivity should be a top priority, now more than ever.

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