Benefits Candidates Really Want in the Biotech Industry


The socio-economic environment has seen a major shift since the pandemic. Employees are looking for remote and hybrid opportunities and industries are looking for top quality talent.

Biopharma industry has had its fair share of challenges in the recruitment area. Candidates want flexible hours, higher salaries, professional growth and development.

In this article we will cover the benefits candidates really want in the biotech industry.

  1. Offer Competitive Benefits

Candidates who are interviewing at your firm are also simultaneously talking to other biotech companies. As a result, they are weighing in the benefits you offer against other companies.

Sometimes one factor can make a huge difference in deciding whether they want to accept your offer or go to someone else.

For example, a candidate for whom work/life balance is a non negotiable may reject your offer if your working hours are not flexible. Similarly, if your health insurance plan is top notch but it doesn’t offer enough coverage in a specific area that is important to the candidate, they may consider that as a negative.

Talk to the candidate. Ask them what they are looking for and then adjust the package accordingly, if possible.

  1. Be Open to Training

Hiring managers can sometimes be firm on the must-haves in a job role. This can restrict their search in finding the right candidate.

Sometimes, the right candidate does not have the must-have skills but they do have the desire to learn that skill.

Depending on the skill, it can take up to 30 days to train a new hire on a specific skillset.

For example, if you are hiring for a biostatistician, you want someone with strong statistical skills. If your candidate can perform everyday tasks exceptionally well on Microsoft Excel but are not proficient in R or SPSS, it should not be a deal breaker as they can learn programming and the needed tools.

  1. Look Beyond your Demographics

Sometimes your ideal candidate may not be in your local area. In such a situation, you need to widen your demographics. People are usually looking to move to a new state and finding a job in that state is important for them before the move.

Ensure your recruitment forms mention the option of relocation so the candidates are aware that the position isn’t just limited to candidates from within the state.

To attract top talent, companies need to factor in the benefits candidates really want in the biotech industry. Resource Groups match the candidate’s skills and requirements with the biotech company’s requirements to find the perfect match.

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