How to Ace Your Video Job Interview


Video interviews can be incredibly nerve-racking, leaving one feeling unprepared and anxiety-ridden despite hours of practice.

Preparing for a video interview is no small task and it requires planning, practice, and perhaps most importantly, confidence. With these tips on how to prepare for a successful video job interview, you can impress your potential employer and lay the groundwork for a successful career.

Before the Interview

First and foremost, do your research! Know as much as you can about the organization you’re interviewing with.

Check out their website, social media pages, press releases—anything that might give you insight into the company’s mission/goals/ethics/etc. Knowing what makes them tick will help you tailor your answers to show why your skillset aligns best with theirs. You should also be as familiar as possible with the role you’re applying for so that when asked questions related to that role, you have well thought out answers ready to go.

Two days before the scheduled interview make sure all necessary equipment is in working order: laptop/desktop computer (if applicable), webcam(s), mic(s), internet connection are all essential components to ensure a smooth video interview experience.

You would be surprised how many people still struggle with tech the day of the interview!

Test out all audio/visual elements several days prior to guarantee they are running correctly; there’s nothing worse than not being able to hear or see during an important video job interview! If available, use a headset as it will provide better sound quality than using only built-in speakers or microphones.

The Day Of the Interview

Choose an appropriate location where interruptions won’t occur during your virtual job interview. Background noise from cars driving by or other people talking nearby won’t exactly give off the best impression!

Make sure that there is plenty of natural light in the area where possible; sunlight will make it easier for both parties to see each other clearly over webcams which often don’t have great image quality. Additionally, double check that any background items (wall posters, bookshelves) are free of clutter so as not to distract from your presentation or come off as unprofessional.

It’s also essential that you dress professionally—no matter if this is an online meeting or not!

According to a recent survey conducted by TopResume, 83% of hiring managers believe dressing formally can influence their opinion of an applicant while 87% believe it shows respect towards them and those conducting the video job interview with them. Therefore, dressing appropriately (e.g., formal attire such as suits or blazers) shows professionalism and respect which could very well land you the position!

Talk the Talk

Finally but most importantly be yourself!

Be open and honest during the interviewer; if given an opportunity answer questions directly with short examples about why your particular skill set fits in perfectly with their needs rather than talking around them–it will show commitment and knowledge in spades!

Additionally, take time answering any questions asked; pausing before responding thoughtful contemplation rather than hastiness which could negatively affect chances at getting hired later down the line.

In conclusion preparing and performing well on a video job interview doesn’t have to be so daunting. With some careful consideration beforehand, you can easily stand out above other applicants by exuding confidence without sacrificing professionalism. Use these tips to help you nail your video interview!

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