There is a shortage of talent in clinical research. However, recruiters for researchers in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry can use various strategies to overcome this shortage. The proper process allows you to reach the right talent and retain it.

Understand the Reasons for the Talent Shortage

Before you can overcome the talent shortage, you must understand why there is a shortage. Most researchers agree that the large volume of work is a crucial factor. They also agree that the focus on unrealistic metrics and goals is another factor. Other factors include scarcity of resources, dehumanization, the complexity of regulations, and the growing demand for services.

Overcome the Talent Shortage With Accurate and Open Job Descriptions

When it comes time to list a job description for clinical research associates, be as descriptive and accurate as possible, you want to ensure that candidates know what to expect from the role. This includes listing your requirements or preferences to help weed out unsuitable candidates.

At the same time, you must be open or flexible. Accept that you may not necessarily find someone who checks off every box on your list because of the talent shortage. As long as someone has the necessary skills to complete their responsibilities, it would help if you considered them.

Overcome the Talent Shortage With Short-term Hires

One of the biggest challenges in clinical research is finding permanent talent. However, you can overcome this by accepting short-term talent when necessary. Yes, finding permanent employees will save time on training and recruitment. But it is more important that you find enough talent to complete your tasks. You can have both a long-term and a short-term strategy for recruitment. Additionally, there is always the chance that someone who plans to work with you short-term will decide they would rather stay on.

Overcome the Talent Shortage by Constantly Looking

Even when your organization does not need to hire anyone immediately, continue promoting your company and searching for candidates. This will help ensure that you have enough potential candidates when an important opening occurs. This also enables you to overcome unexpected fluctuations in the job market.

Overcome the Talent Shortage by Highlighting Your Organization

Because of the talent shortage, contract research organizations need to fight to attract the best talent. If you do not recognize that others are doing this and act accordingly, you will miss talent. Make it clear to potential candidates why your organization is a great place to work. Explain your benefits and include quotes from satisfied employees on your “Careers” page.

As a bonus, highlighting the strong points of working for your organization will also help you retain talent. That reduces the number of positions to fill.

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