Workplace negativity is a challenge that businesses face even in the best of times. Because of the pandemic, many employers were forced to close or lost a significant amount of business over the past several months, sending unemployment numbers skyrocketing across the country. Now, a growing number of organizations are dealing with increases in workplace negativity from more anxiety and depression among employees and are left wondering how to overcome it. If you’re reading this, then you’ve already accomplished the first step by recognizing the problem. It’s not something that’s going to disappear by ignoring it. Business leaders should be focusing now more than ever on boosting organizational morale. Here are some ways to transform negativity at work into a culture of positivity.

Handle Gossip Appropriately

From rumored shutdowns to layoffs, negative gossip is usually one of the biggest causes of toxic work environments. It’s important to remain vigilant about workplace hearsay so that it doesn’t spread throughout your organization. A common mistake made by some business leaders is that they attempt to handle it by sending mass emails to all employees instead of just the key instigators. Problems like this can be quickly extinguished by finding the source and addressing those specific employees to resolve the conflict.

Use Positive Language

Leaders in the biotech industry can help improve organizational morale by replacing negative gossip with positive conversations. You can leverage social media to share employee success stories, feature company achievements in newsletters, etc. Positive reinforcement is also essential. Employees need to know they are doing a good job.

Empower Employees

It’s important to build and maintain an empowered workforce. Since micromanaging isn’t conducive to employee empowerment it’s important to give people more control and freedom in their jobs. Organizations really need to provide employees with ample opportunities to express opinions along with options to grow and develop their skill sets. Annual performance reviews should be supplemented with three or four manager check-ins throughout the year so both entities can share feedback regularly. Then, use rewards and recognition more frequently to reinforce positivity.

Be a Positive Role Model

Leaders really need to lead by example when it comes to exhibiting positive communication and interactions around the workplace. A vast majority of employees don’t want to work for poor leaders, but rather those who treat them fairly and equally. It takes patience and consistency to transform negative attitudes into positive ones.

Although preventing negativity from spreading in the first place might be the most effective strategy there is, it is not always feasible, especially during a pandemic. Fortunately, negativity can be transformed in most cases by discouraging gossip, using positive language, and empowering employees.


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