We still don’t know what the future of work culture is going to be as we continue to navigate the fallout of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the CDC continues to emphasize that employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace that protects clients and employees alike. Some of the amenities that employees once took for granted like break rooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, etc. will probably have new limitations going forward to reduce the density of people gathering in the same places at the same times. Some employers are staggering shifts and start times for many employees to help stop the spread. Here are some of the ways work culture is evolving to meet current public health needs.

Remote Work Technology

From increased productivity to money savings, companies are quickly realizing the benefits of building digital work environments as a permanent strategy, rather than just a temporary solution. Money that can be saved on office leases and other overhead expenditures can be reinvested in providing employees with laptops, monitors, keyboards and other equipment needed to furnish their home offices.

Preventative Health Measures

One challenge being faced by remote workers is finding a work-life balance. It’s important to find some separation between personal and professional duties. Employers are taking new approaches to improve employee health and well-being. Here are some innovative methods that are being used:

  • Meditation apps – Headspace, Calm, Insight Timer and Aura are among the most popular apps for reducing stress.
  • Online exercise and well-being classes – Employers can provide more virtual resources like these to help people working from home decompress.
  • More schedule flexibility – Job satisfaction and better health are two benefits of flexible scheduling.
  • Time off – Taking time away from work is important for physical and mental health.

Diversity Hiring Efforts

A potential positive aspect of the growing demand for remote work opportunities is that companies can hire talented candidates regardless of their locations. Having the ability to look everywhere instead of the immediate vicinity around a company’s headquarters tends to improve diversity hiring.

Internal Career Coaches

Employees being locked into roles for several years could quickly become a thing of the past as more companies develop internal career coaches. These career coaches will help with leadership development, presentations, and ensuring employee well-being. This also helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies to attract and retain top talent.

Working from home appears to be much more than a passing trend. Traditional office settings are being reinvented to accommodate for social distancing and personal protective equipment. We expect to see a growing demand for internal career coaches as work shifts from roles to projects.


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