Attracting and retaining the most talented Clinical Research Talent is critical. Yet many organizations have a broken hiring process and are unable to hire the talent they need. Here are some of the top mistakes organizations make in their hiring process and what you can do to fix them.

Not Enough Focus on the “Candidate Experience”

You might not be dedicating enough attention toward the “candidate experience” in your hiring process. It’s important to ensure that candidates are treated with respect and consideration. Establish clear and frequent communication by providing timely responses and follow-ups. Interview scheduling is one area where we see hiring managers struggle. It’s important to respect the candidate’s time and schedule. They are likely already employed so you need to be flexible, and once you commit to a time and date, don’t reschedule.

Not Knowing What Candidates Want

If you’re struggling to even get people to apply, then you need to focus more on the candidate’s perception of your company. You want to portray a positive company image in the community. Start by creating an honest company story and mission to draw people in. It’s also important to understand what candidates in the drug development industry want. In addition to offering a competitive salary and benefits, you need to cultivate an authentic company culture that promotes opportunities for workers to make a difference in the world. A healthy corporate culture is essential for employee retention and productivity. Share opportunities for advancement within the organization.

Interrogating the Candidate

Now is the time to overhaul your interview process. It’s an interview, not an interrogation, so don’t grill the candidate. Focus on getting to know their accomplishments, skills, drive, and emotional intelligence. Don’t scare them off through extensive screening. Avoid having a smug attitude of “gee wouldn’t you be so lucky to work here.” Many interviews are held by phone or video (like Skype) and interviewers are often busy, lazy, and distracted. Remember that the interview is a two way street. To make the most of your time together and get to know the candidate, you need to be organized, prepared, and focused. You need to sell the opportunity and attract the candidate. Share the perks associated with working for your organization. Share success stories, personal stories, and your company culture. Ask open-ended questions and truly listen to their responses.

Making a Sloppy Offer

Often a company will extend an offer without having anyone to present it, or without including details of the benefits. In this important moment, the candidate wants to hear from the company. When it comes time for the offer, you need to roll out the red carpet! It’s like dating – you need to impress the other person. The process is truly like a courtship; you’re considering a long-term relationship with someone and you need to approach it with respect and care. You’ve come this far, so you want the offer to be accepted. The way to ensure high acceptance rates, is to go the extra mile and make sure you have considered all aspects of these final steps.


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