In recent months, professionals in clinical research and pharmaceuticals have experienced firsthand the challenges of staying organized when working from home. These four tips will help you maintain a more organized work environment and allow you to increase your productivity while working remotely.

Reduce Distractions

One reason it is harder to stay organized working at home than at an office is because there are more distractions. Pets, spouses, kids, and deliveries can all make it more difficult to stay focused. When you have numerous distractions throughout the day, it can be challenging to stick to your schedule and to-do-list. One way to reduce distractions is to stay organized. Set up a designated workspace in a part of the house that offers you optimal privacy. It is also important to communicate to the other members of your household that you need minimal distractions when you’re at work.

Structure Your Day

Working from home typically allows for more flexibility in your schedule. There are pros and cons to this. A benefit is that you might have the ability to work during the hours you know you’re the most productive. The downside of having this flexibility is that it can be tempting to work on and off throughout the day or work more hours than you’re supposed to. You want to structure your schedule, so you have set hours to work each day. This will help ensure you get all your tasks completed efficiently without overworking yourself.

Start Your Day with a Plan

The more you plan, the better organized you will be. The first thing you should do each day is plan out what tasks you must complete for the day. Prioritize the list by importance with the tasks that can wait a day at the bottom. It’s also important to overestimate how long tasks will take and to leave free time in your schedule. There is always the chance for unexpected obstacles or new assignments you didn’t anticipate.

Keep Your Work Area Minimal

Keeping a minimal look to your office space not only makes it easier to keep organized, but it will also help you stay more focused and relaxed while working. One way to maintain a cleaner office is to go paperless. If you digitize your calendar and note-taking system, you can avoid having stacks of paper and random sticky notes all over your desk. You are also less likely to misplace important information or memos.

When working from home, staying organized is important because it helps minimize distractions, allowing you to make better use of your time. You can improve organization when working remotely by setting up a designated workspace, keeping your desk orderly, planning your day in advance, and sticking to a set schedule.


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