If we learned anything from the challenges we had to overcome last year, it has to be how little control we really have over external events. But uncertain times like these should also serve as a reminder that your effort and skills are two of the most powerful things that you can control. We also learned that success in the pharmaceutical industry is dependent upon being resilient, calm, and focused. One of the most popular resolutions every year is to be more productive. As C.S. Lewis once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Let’s review four productivity tips for a calmer and more successful 2021.

1. Learn the Art of De-prioritization

Although you can’t improve productivity without prioritization, it’s still important to reassess the things that are important to you on a regular basis. Deprioritizing is difficult for many people because they don’t like throwing away the work that they have invested in projects. But working on the right thing at the right time is a good way to stay motivated even during hard times. If you want to filter out tasks that don’t deserve your attention anymore then you need to set limits on how long you’ll work on projects. Then, review and update your priorities on a weekly basis and don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from managers or coworkers.

2. Learn to Live with Things You Can’t Change

From the number of hours in a day to other people’s expectations of you, there are always going to be elements that are outside of your control. Successful clinical research associates have learned to live with these issues instead of dedicating unnecessary time and energy trying to change them. It all starts with understanding what really matters to you by focusing on your strengths, uncovering your hidden passions, and practicing self-reflection.

3. Do the Hardest Things First

Accomplishing those least pleasant tasks right away in the morning is more effective because it’s when your energy level is at the highest and distractions are the lowest. Use the momentum to propel you through easier tasks the rest of the day.

4. Practice Better Self-Care

Healthy sleeping and eating habits are usually the first things that are sacrificed when you’re overworking. It’s important to treat self-care as a priority and not a luxury to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Improving work-life balance is another common resolution among many people that can help promote a calmer year. Leaving work at work can be challenging, but it becomes possible if you avoid checking work email after hours and maintain a schedule for hobbies. Try introducing some of these tips into your work schedule to accomplish more in the same amount of time in 2021.


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