Attracting the right talent is imperative if you want your business to thrive yet finding qualified professionals in clinical research is becoming increasingly challenging. One of the best ways to win top talent over is to provide an engaging and memorable candidate experience. The following tips can help you create a better experience for candidates.

Be Responsive

If there is one thing that can reliably ruin the candidate experience it’s a lack of timely communication. No candidate enjoys the stress of waiting around to hear back from an employer after submitting an application or attending an interview. Candidates are either going to feel ignored or assume you are not interested in them and move on. Ideally, you want to reach out to candidates within the first 24-hours of hosting an interview. You may not have made a decision yet, but you can still outline next steps for them and establish expectations. Candidates need to know that you’re not wasting their time.

Create a User-Friendly Website

Your career website is a major way job seekers interact with your company. If the website is hard to navigate, slow, or irrelevant, candidates will not have a good first impression of your organization. You can improve your website by including informative content and making it easy for candidates to find answers to questions they are likely to have concerning your company and its hiring process.

Ask Relevant Questions

Candidates have high expectation when they walk into an interview. They shouldn’t feel like they are on trial or taking a test. They would rather have an authentic conversation that is two-sided. To create a memorable interview experience, ensure the questions you ask are relevant and thought-provoking, such as questions that pertain to candidates’ behavior, performance, and experience. This will give candidates ample time to talk during the interview while allowing you time to pitch the company, the role, and the company culture to the candidate.

Provide Feedback

Almost every candidate wants to receive feedback after they participate in an interview. They want to know what they did that impressed the interviewer and gain insights into what they could do better. As part of your hiring process, you should email constructive feedback to candidates whether or not they move on to the next level. This will help you establish your company as an organization that wants to see professionals in the industry improve themselves.

Candidates likely apply for multiple jobs and attend more than one interview as they search for the perfect job. As an employer, you want to set yourself apart by providing a candidate experience job seekers will remember in a positive light.


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