As the number of people working remotely continues to climb at a steady pace, CRO leaders have to stay connected with their teams and find ways to improve their productivity and job satisfaction. It’s important to find ways to increase morale and cohesion during challenging times. Fortunately, it’s still possible to work cooperatively and achieve organizational goals with the employee engagement strategies that we will discuss here.

Internal Communication is Essential

Although working from home is the norm for many CRAs, with the many aspects of life that COVID has impacted, there are additional challenges to remote work such as sharing space with other family members and managing schooling for children. It can be difficult to adapt and overwhelming to deal with. Contract research organizations are striving to keep employees connected by promoting strong internal communication systems that inform employees of important updates, align them with company goals and share the knowledge required to successfully accomplish their goals. There are a variety of pre-built intranet solutions on the market that can help keep employees connected on a company-wide network to share files and other professional development resources. What’s most important is that you have effective communication channels in place for your team to stay in touch and for leaders to connect with their teams. Organizations that invest in these systems are finding it easier to provide employees with the necessary resources to stay productive and engaged.

Remedy the Effects of Isolation

If you want to keep remote workers engaged, then you need to focus on counteracting the effects of isolation. From video calls to emails, managers really need the appropriate training and tools to stay involved in the daily operations of a remote workforce. Sensitivity training is trending now because it can help leaders promote inclusion and recognize signs of burnout, isolation, etc. Since in-house meetings are still on pause across many states, some organizations are thinking outside of the box to keep employees safe and engaged through video conferencing software, project management software, chat software and other virtual options. Finally, a growing number of remote workers are expressing frustration over lack of career advancement opportunities outside of the traditional office setting. Remote employees need just as much feedback as before and should be recognized for their contributions on a regular basis so that they still feel valued.

There is a significant distinction between keeping remote and traditional workers engaged due to the lack of in-person interactions. If you provide employees and managers with the right tools and resources, then they can be successful working remotely even under challenging conditions.


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