Leadership style depends on your values, skills, and experiences. It takes the right combination of these to be a successful boss. From effective communication to having a positive attitude, having core leadership qualities is important if you want to recruit the most talented candidates and keep moving ahead in the biotech industry. But it’s often the more nuanced leadership skills that transform good leaders into rockstar bosses. Here are five of the most underrated skills of a rockstar boss and how you can embody them to become a better leader.

1. Empathy

When it comes to managing different generations like Millennials and Gen Z, the conventional command and control leadership style isn’t very effective. Empathy is a quality that tends to get overrun by rules and regulations. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of your employees. They will rally behind you if you make meaningful connections with them and they feel valued for their contributions.

2. Proactiveness

Something that separates exceptional leaders from others is their ability to take action. This often translates into an ability to recognize potential hazards before they even happen. If you find yourself putting out fires all the time, then you need a more proactive leadership style, and should be more open to suggestions from your employees.

3. Accountability

Your employees aren’t going to trust you unless the see you hold yourself accountable for your actions. Rockstar bosses know how to meet deadlines by empowering those around them. If you dedicated yourself to a project, then it’s important to stay on it until it is completed. Always overestimate the time that it might take and have contingency plans in place for disruptions.

4. Open to Feedback

Great leaders don’t get defensive when they receive feedback about their own work. You have to keep an open mind to grow, and people will be less willing to accept your advice when you are quick to discredit theirs. It’s okay to see things differently in the workplace, but instead of accusing employees of being wrong all the time, you’ll become more approachable by finding common ground and focusing on understanding these differences.

5. Inventiveness

This skill is considered to be a top predictor of leadership effectiveness. Inventing involves creating structures and processes that keep your workforce challenged and moves the organization forward.

Powerful leaders understand the importance of keeping the relationships with their employees on a professional level. You don’t have to like everyone that you work with, but as a boss, you should get along with them. It’s usually these unique and unexpected skills that can really make you a standout leader, and the type of rockstar boss that employees want to work for.


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