In the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, using a search firm can help you find better talent, while also giving you access to candidates you wouldn’t otherwise be able to attain. The most talented candidates don’t go on job boards or see job ads, so you often need outside help to find these candidates and land them. Here’s how a search firm can help you land inaccessible candidates and hard-to-find talent.

Verified Industry Experts

Recruiters are verified industry experts and they have a database of talent to pull from. Because they specialize in your niche, they know all the big players in the industry and will know which of these players will complement your company. Working with a search firm also ensures you use a proactive approach to hiring and not a reactive approach. Expert recruiters will be able to anticipate the talent needs of your company, so you’re not just reacting to the loss of an employee. You don’t want to be dependent on job posts and applications to fill a role because you won’t attract passive candidates this way. An expert recruiter acts as sharpshooter and goes out and find candidates who meet your criteria, even if these candidates are already employed.

Cold Calling

Recruiters cast a wide net. There may be a large candidate pool but not many of these candidates will fit the criteria for the role and also be good fit for your company’s culture. Recruiters aren’t afraid of cold calling. They reach out to potential candidates and gauge their interest in the job opportunity. They also use this method to learn more about the candidates so they can better match the company with a candidate. In the process, the recruiter will tell your story as a company and try to pique their interest. This all allows the recruiter to do the heavy lifting by identifying the best talent, so you don’t have to sift through dozens and dozens of mediocre candidates.

Time-Tested Databases

A seasoned recruiting firm will have a time-tested database. At our firm, we have a candidate database that is over twenty years old. What this means is that the candidates a recruiter speaks to have already been vetted. Only interviewing candidates who have been vetted can save a lot of time and headaches during the interview phase, while giving you access to hard-to-find candidates. There is popular scam right now where companies are recording interviews and supplying fake resumes to people applying for CRA jobs, making them seem qualified when they’re not. They even help them ace the interviews. These imposter candidates may look legit but will end up being terrible hires. Working with a trained recruiter will keep you away from such disastrous scams because you will only be interviewing vetted candidates that have established reputations within the industry.

Whether you’re looking to hire a clinical research associate or different role in pharmaceuticals, using a search firm can take some of the hassle out of hiring. A skilled recruiter will provide you access to better candidates, many of whom you would never even know about if you’d never spoken to a recruiter.


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