Interview Questions


Biopharma companies usually operate in a high-pressure, deadline-oriented environment. To qualify for roles at these companies, you must possess specific skills and aptitude.

Whether you are applying for a clinical trial manager role, an emergency nurse, or a biostatistician, technical and behavioral questions will likely be part of your interview process.

This article will cover the interview questions biopharma talent needs to know.

Technical Skills

Questions related to your hard skills, e.g., knowledge and aptitude of a particular subject. Your experience working with specific software or a tool and the inner workings of certain topics.

What are the three essential factors to consider for conducting quality research?

A research project involves a lot of factors such as timeline, budget, specific parameters, and more. A researcher needs to keep all of these factors in mind and understand which tasks are a high priority.

As a candidate, you must demonstrate your prior experience in research, how you conducted research, and explain all the factors you worked with to ensure timely completion and effective results.

How do you gather and evaluate data before starting a project?

Gathering and evaluating the correct data is crucial to ensure the drug reaches the right patients on time. When collecting data for clinical trials, there are typically three phases the drug goes through. In the discovery phase, where the company decides which drug is needed. Second is the development phase, where the drugs are created. The third is a trial phase where the drugs are tested on subjects.

As a candidate, you must understand why data evaluation is necessary and share important factors in data gathering.

Soft Skills

Behavior-related questions typically fall under soft skills. These questions show the candidate’s nature and personality. How do they act in certain situations? How do they handle pressure and difficult situations? In the Biopharma industry, certain soft skills are important for day-to-day work.

Describe a time when you received unexpected results. What did you do?

Data collection and discovery can take months. When you finally start working on a project, you might come across new discoveries. As a researcher, it is essential to be flexible when the course of research changes and be open to adapting to those circumstances without wasting any time.

Describe a time when you had a conflict with a coworker. How did you overcome the conflict?

When different people work on the same task, conflicts can arise. How do you handle those conflicts matter? Conflict with a co-worker can build friction between you both and obstruct the work you are trying to focus on. Resolving the conflict amicably helps create a friendly atmosphere at work.

Give me an example of a time you solved a problem through creative thinking

Roadblocks are a common occurrence in clinical trials and researchers. The Biopharma industry needs critical thinkers who can think outside the box to solve problems that arise.

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