Finding the perfect biostatistician job can be difficult in today’s post-pandemic world. Many factors come into play. While salary might be important, so are the benefits, opportunities for career advancement, and the corporate culture in which you’ll be working.

That job might not even be available in your city – or state – so the question becomes, do you know how to decide if relocation is right? You have a lot to consider, including the impact on your family, friends, and professional network.

The benefits of making the leap to a new location are many, but only you can decide if the risk is worth the reward.

Is Relocation Right For You?

If you’ve always thought that the grass was greener, the ocean bluer, or the cost of living better someplace, a relocation can allow you to confirm those thoughts. Job seekers have other reasons for exploring new opportunities, including:

  • A chance to test yourself. As familiar as you are in your current location, you also know the people you’re working with and the area in which you live. A new opportunity in another state (or country!) puts you in a position of learning to be independent as you learn your way around. You may even change the way you see the world.
  • Learning new analytical methods. “Because we’ve always done it this way” becomes mundane after a while, and the research is no longer interesting. Does the new job offer training and career development paths you wouldn’t have in your current role?
  • Acquiring novel experiences. Applying your clinical trial manager skills in a new cultural climate forces you to build character because you’re no longer in your comfort zone. The experience sets you apart from others who have done the same job the same way in the same location.

Follow the Leader!

Sometimes, you’re not the one with the first relocation offer; your partner gets an offer first. That puts you in the position of making a career-altering decision. Do you continue your work elsewhere as a clinical trial manager, remain where you are, or try another pursuit outside your chosen field?

Before you answer that question, consider working with a recruiter to discover some of your options. You shouldn’t have to worry about your location when taking care of people’s health; some of your work as a biostatistician may even be remote. The good news is that you can work from anywhere. The chances are good that the recruiter knows what’s available where you’re going.

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