As we took off on uncharted territory, we hoped for a lasting solution. In the corporate world, it was a different ballgame. While some businesses quickly adopted emerging trends to stay in operations, these rapid changes forced others to halt altogether. Despite it all, we see leaders who looked beyond the murky situation and devised strategies to make their business thrive.

Below, we reflect on the many valuable lessons on leadership from the BioPharma industry you can learn moving forward in a post-pandemic world.

Accept That Remote Working Is Here to Stay

Remote work had long existed, with freelancers and virtual assistants working from the comforts of wherever they were. But it took the pandemic for leaders to see it as a new reality.

While most employees who went to physical offices struggled with the unfamiliar situation, leaders understood the basic tenets of remote working and made it work. With efficient remote working tools, virtual offices have become a new norm.

Tech giants such as Google, Twitter, and Microsoft have adopted remote working for most of their workforce. You should, too.

What does this mean for BioPharma? We may be looking at a situation where developers and synthesizers would be working in a closely-monitored unit if remote working isn’t possible.

Put Your Employees First

The pandemic brought much pandemonium to the workplace. While details about the virus remained unknown, employers knew their workers’ health and safety were paramount.

They also devised flexible work schedules for workers to deal with their challenges at their various homes. Now, in a post-COVID time, employers are still issuing health and safety tips for their employees.

Healthy and safe employees foster productivity. For the biopharma industry, the health and safety of all remain paramount. It is safe to conclude that most biopharma execs always put measures to protect their workforce from risk.


Communicate Frequently

Communication is vital to sustaining an efficient workplace. In the face of uncertainty, leaders saw this as an opportunity to communicate with their internal and external stakeholders.

This dialogue is to ensure that everyone remained connected with the vision of the establishment. When you constantly engage your workforce, it makes them feel valued and creates loyalty to your business. And for the pharma industry, loyalty is a valuable currency.

Trust in Your Subordinates

In the face of uncertainty, employers thought it wise to join efforts with employees in ensuring an efficient workplace. Increased productivity can only be possible with effective, transparent communication and employee feedback.

As a leader, you should trust the suggestions of your valued assets: your employees.

Remember the Core Mission of Your Business

It was almost a requirement for employers to tweak their short-term goals due to constant challenges. But they should not lose sight of their long-term visions. The landscape of BioPharma is shifting constantly. Thus, it would help if you always remembered to work to achieve your long-term dreams.

Make your subordinates aware of every change and ensure their work aligns with the organizational objectives.

Excellent leadership practices are constantly changing. What may be obtainable ten years ago may be obsolete now. As a result of the pandemic, you should adopt these leadership lessons to create an effective workplace.


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