As companies in the biotech and clinical research industries rapidly transition to remote work environment, organizations are trying to figure out how to not only keep up with their ongoing diversity and inclusion initiative but strengthen them. These tips will help you cultivate inclusion in the workplace remotely.

Start with an Inclusive Recruitment Process

It is easier to hire more diverse employees when positions are remote because you aren’t restricted by geography. Consequently, you want to focus on making your recruitment process more inclusive. To start, work on using neutral language in your job descriptions so you can attract a wider variety of applicants. The language used in job descriptions and on your company’s recruitment site shouldn’t include any language that is more likely to attract any specific gender, race, or age group, etc. Eliminating confirmation bias from your interview process will also help make your recruitment process fairer.

Empathy Leads to Engagement

There are a lot of workplaces that are diverse yet fail to be inclusive. To make the most out of diversity, all employees need to feel empowered and need to feel a sense of belonging. It is easier for remote workers to feel invisible, in general, so it is extremely important for leaders to take the time to connect with employees and make them feel seen. Diverse employees will be better able to integrate into the work culture if they see that leadership cares about them and wants to see them succeed. By demonstrating empathy, employees will see that your organization is committed to creating an inclusive workplace.

Forget about Culture Fit

Cultural fit has been one of the most talked about concepts in recruitment in recent years. However, embracing a “cultural add” mindset will better facilitate inclusion in the workplace. Instead of looking for job candidates who fit into your organization’s culture, look for candidates who will add something new to the culture. You don’t want everyone to think the same way, so look for hires who have unique backgrounds and can bring a point of view no one else on your team has.

As work environments become increasingly virtual, it is important to continue to make diversity a priority. Clinical research and biotech companies can foster inclusion in the workplace by removing bias from the recruitment process, demonstrating empathy, and embracing a “culture add” mindset.


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