Employment in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industries has increased for four years straight, and this growth is expected to continue over the next several years. Some of the positions, which have the most demand right now, include biostatisticians, laboratory CROs, and leading lab development science positions. Here are some of the positions in demand in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Biostatisticians and Statistical Programmers

Biostatisticians and statistical programmers are in great demand right now. There is currently a talent shortage in this field and employment is highly competitive. The demand exceeds the candidate pool so great opportunities exist for those willing to take the leap. While job-hopping is also a trend, professionals in these roles are less inclined to move from job to job. Retention in these roles is above average because job satisfaction is high and often keeps employees from changing jobs in search of a salary increase. One of the highlights of biostatistician positions is that the role does not involve a lot of traveling. The work can also be performed remotely. Overall, these positions are very attractive, because they offer work-life balance, job stability, and high compensation.

Laboratory CROs and Assay Development

Large biotech and pharma companies are looking to save money, so they’re increasingly contracting out to research organizations. In drug discovery, assay development is procedure that tests the activity of a drug in a person or animal and can also test enzyme activity and stem cell activity. A laboratory CRO provides research support to pharmaceutical and biotech companies by performing preclinical and clinical research, clinical trial management, biopharmaceutical development, and other services. They are usually PhD professionals. Biomarker research and development is especially in high demand.

PhD Professionals Leading Lab Development Sciences

The industry also needs PhD professionals to lead lab development science of urology, immunology, oncology, and neurology. These professionals would lead important research and development activities, such as establishing a better understanding of neurophysiology in relation to the treatment and diagnosis of cancer and other diseases and disorders. PhD professionals are needed to understand biological mechanisms and better understand therapeutic responses to treatments, among other things.

There are numerous rewarding job opportunities right now in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology fields. With roles in biostatistics, assay development, research and development in high demand, many companies are dealing with a talent shortage. Yet, professionals looking for steady careers will be able to find stable, high-paying jobs in these fields.


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