When accepting a new position, often the coworkers are the last thing you think about. You see your coworkers nearly every day and likely have to collaborate with them on specific projects. So, thinking of working with someone you don’t like can make things difficult.

Working with someone you dislike can be so mentally daunting that many people even contemplate leaving the job because of it. According to a year-long survey done by Comparably, one in three people considered quitting because of a coworker they didn’t like.

There’s no reason to quit a job you love simply because it means working with someone you can’t stand. Let’s cover some tips that will help you to work with coworkers you don’t like effectively.


  1. Nobody Gets Along with Everybody 

There will always be personalities that don’t quite match up with yours. That doesn’t mean you have to change things about yourself. The chances are high that you will one day work with someone that annoys you. Maybe they do something you find overbearing or unprofessional.

The best thing to do is to acknowledge where your personality clashes with theirs without judgment. They were hired for a reason. You might not always like the people you work with, but you can still learn to work through these differences and create excellent work together.


  1. Be Mindful of the Negativity You Feel

Negative thoughts and emotions are toxic to a healthy mind. If you are constantly thinking of all the things about someone that annoys you, it will breed a sense of negativity within yourself. This can go on to affect your work and even future promotions.

The best antidote to this is remaining mindful of yourself. Think of what it is about you that dislikes this person so much. Recognize the emotions that present themselves and decipher where they come from. Once you heal this part of yourself, you might even go on to respect and befriend the coworker.


  1. Set Boundaries


It is essential to set boundaries with the person if you have to work with them directly. When direct communication is a necessary part of the job, you might have to tell the person how certain behaviors make you feel. They might not even be aware of these behaviors in the first place.

It also helps if you connect with the person a little further to tell them why these feelings arise in the first place. When you know the root of your suffering, it helps to communicate with others intellectually. Speaking in this manner allows the other person to better receive the message without taking it personally or reacting emotionally.


  1. Be Compassionate


After all, it is only a workplace relationship. You do not have to be friends with the people you work with. In reality, most people actually aren’t. According to a study done at Olivet Nazarene University, 41% of people consider their coworkers nothing more than coworkers. 20% of the people studied considered one or two people “only-at-work friends,” but nothing more.

Working with someone you dislike can have a lasting effect on how you perceive the workplace environment, but it doesn’t have to! With these four tips, you can take back the power that negative emotions hold over you and focus on maintaining a thriving environment.


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