If you have never worked with a recruiter on your job search before, there are several smart reasons to take their call. Developing a professional relationship with a recruiter can help you reach your career goals faster, as they work directly with many of the elite companies which are highly desirable to work for. Here are some of the best reasons to take a recruiter’s call whether you’re actively looking for a new opportunity or not.

Recruiters Are Experts

Industry-specific recruiters like the ones in our firm are experts in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical markets. They have strong networks and connections to many of the top companies in your niche. They’ve spent years establishing relationships with executives and can provide you with insider information on high-profile companies. They also understand market conditions better than anyone else. They are deeply embedded in the industry can provide you with valuable insights on your market value. With the employment market so competitive right now, these insights can make all the difference.

Recruiters Will Listen and Assess

Recruiters are great listeners and know how to ask the right questions. It is their job to listen and understand your career goals. They can assess your situation and offer insight on whether your current job aligns with your goals or if there may be other jobs out there that would be a better fit. They can also compare and contrast your current company with alternative companies, and your skills and experiences with those of other job seekers. They have worked with numerous candidates in the same industry, so they will know how you stack up. Recruiters can also give you tips that will help you stand out in a crowded Biotech and Pharmaceutical fields.

Recruiters Will Selectively Present Opportunities

Recruiters get to know what motivates you. Once they understand why you want to make a career move, they aren’t going to bring you job opportunities that won’t further your career objectives. Finding a great job can be a time-consuming process but working with a recruiter can save you valuable time. Recruiters selectively present opportunities that align with your intentions. They consider everything from compensation to travel time. They only share positions where they believe you will excel and meet your career needs. Recruiters present exclusive opportunities you won’t find listed on job boards. These jobs are often higher-caliber and have less competition. Many job seekers utilize job board sites like Indeed and CareerBuilder but not everyone uses a skilled recruiter. This can give you the edge you need to find your perfect job.

Whether you’re actively thinking about making a career move or not, taking the call of a recruiter can be highly informative. You can learn more about how you are progressing in your career and gain insights into the industry and market. If you are looking for a career change, a recruiter can help match you with a company that meets your personal and professional needs.


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