Clinical project managers know how to pay attention to detail. Clinical research projects depend on their project managers to coordinate every aspect of a trial. During the process, the clinical research manager will take on multiple roles. However, their precision and focus on timing can make – or break – a research trial.

Why every project must have a clinical project manager

In 2020, nations around the world spent almost $44 billion on clinical trials. While part of this effort was directed at COVID-19 research, other medical and health services trials also took place.  The goal of each trial is simple: improve patient outcomes.

Clinical research includes developing new drugs and medical equipment. It also requires monitoring during clinical trials. Conducting clinical research is far more complex than some people may realize. Skilled managers must also:

  • consider how to address quality assurance
  • communicate with staff, patients, and partners
  • conduct statistical analysis

Project manager responsibilities

In short, the clinical project manager takes responsibility for all facets of the trial, keeping the research on schedule and presenting the resulting data without bias. Some aspects of their job are listed below.

  • Place safety at the forefront
  • Manage potential risks
  • Analyze and interpret data

The project leader will also develop protocols for the project and monitor compliance within legal, ethical and budgetary requirements.

Skills required for this position

Deploying a comprehensive strategy like this requires a specific set of hard and soft skills.

More than half of the candidates for the position have obtained a bachelor’s degree in one of the many medical fields. Nearly one out of every four candidates also has a Master’s degree. It’s helpful to have previous lab experience, preferably in a related field like pharmacology, medicine, or life sciences.

Clinical project managers know how to use essential communication and data analysis software such as MS Word or Excel. The clinical project manager must also be a good communicator with strong interpersonal, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Projections for this career

The outlook for clinical project managers paints a bright picture. Currently, the national average salary is $92,000. If you have experience in this role, you could make $125,500 or more annually. Perhaps more significantly, projections predict that clinical project manager jobs in this industry will grow by 32% before 2030. Earlier predictions were off by as much as 25%, so this need may be far greater.

If you’ve been thinking about a career in clinical project management, whether you’re just getting started or want to apply your skills and experience at a different company, now’s the time to connect with recruiters who can get you noticed.

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