The best organizations continuously look for ways to improve the hiring process, especially for the most crucial roles, such as managers. To find the best people, produce meaningful work, and increase retention and loyalty, we need to reevaluate the hiring process.

Questions about a person’s past accomplishments or their behavior in a situation do not always provide real insight into a candidate’s perspective or how they adapt to change.

Instead, hone your hiring process by becoming ultra-focused on the role’s needs and bringing in individuals that would be relevant to the position.

Be Crystal Clear About Candidate Requirements

While any company will want the best possible managers for its leadership team, you are unlikely to find a perfect one unless you are crystal clear about the mission-critical qualities.

A list of credentials and traits is not enough; ask open-ended questions designed to test the creativity and thinking of the candidate. Allow candidates to pick the topics they Start by articulating the objectives of the role.  Instead, set time-specific goals and indicators of past success. If it is possible, split the job into multiple parts focused on specific skillsets. You can maintain your high standard for excellence if managers are clear about what to do and how to get it done. Setting clear and measurable goals makes them more achievable. It also allows you to appreciate candidates who stand out from the pack properly.

Audit Your Organization to Confirm What You Need from a Candidate

Before beginning an executive search, complete an organizational audit for your business. Most importantly, pay attention to what you hope to achieve in the coming months and years, including the type of growth you want to see. You can then use that knowledge to determine what characteristics and skills you need from your new hire.

Value Diversity

Although choosing a candidate with the necessary qualifications and experience is the most essential criteria, you also want to prioritize diversity. Remember that focusing on diversity, inclusion, and equity leads to better results. According to a report by McKinsey, the report looked at 366 public companies and “found that those in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity in management were 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry mean.” It allows for more innovation by providing additional perspectives. Having a diverse leadership team also helps your company attract diverse talent in other roles.

Create a Process that Is as Unbiased as Possible

You will not be able to eliminate bias during the search process completely. However, you can take steps to reduce it. Remember that even relying on technology or algorithms will not eliminate bias. According to the HBR, “They can replicate institutional and historical biases, amplifying disadvantages lurking in data points like university attendance or performance evaluation scores.”

A straightforward option is to complete several cross-checks with applicants. Another example would be to develop a list of evaluation criteria. That way, you ensure you evaluate each candidate to the same standards. Forbes suggests you “create a scorecard of quantitative metrics and grade each candidate with the same standard.”

Create a Well-rounded Evaluation

It is easy to focus too much on skills or past experiences when hiring a manager. However, this can make it more challenging to find a well-rounded candidate. The ideal hiring process will begin by asking candidates questions to get to know them better, including their preparation for the role. You also want to test their technical skills in areas that they claim to have those skills. You should check writing samples. Finding the best candidate for the position takes time and is worth the wait since the cost of a bad hire can be devastating. To avoid this disaster, many of the best organizations choose to partner with a recruiter experienced in their industry to get the best results.

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