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  • Challenges and Solutions for Managing Global Clinical Trials

    The globalization of clinical trials has benefited the biopharma industry immensely — improved patient recruitment and reduced development costs.

  • Emerging Trends in the BioPharma Industry That You Need to Know

    As a leader in the sector, it's important to be aware of these developments to make informed decisions about your organization's direction.

  • 4 things to consider before hiring a biopharma recruiter

    If you're in the life science or biopharma industries, you know that hiring top talent is essential to your success. But with the war for talent heating up, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find and attract the best candidates.

  • Brio Resource Group Ranks No. 2003 on the 2022 Inc 5000 List and No. 80 Human Resources Industry Ranking  With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 300 Percent, Brio Receives Ranking No. 2003 Among America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies     NEW YORK, August 16, 2022 – Today, Inc. revealed that Brio Resource Group, LLC is No. [...]

  • Clinical Trial Managers Need to Know These Skills for the Future

    The role of a clinical trial manager requires constant interaction with project teams, project managers, and clients. To develop a strong working relationship, the skill of communication is very integral in this profession. Also, sharing information and data between teams and individuals requires much corroboration. The knowledge of skills and tools to connect and corroborate in different ways can help with your personal development.

  • Relocation

    Finding the perfect biostatistician job can be difficult in today’s post-pandemic world. Many factors come into play. While salary might be important, so are the benefits, opportunities for career advancement, and the corporate culture in which you’ll be working. That job might not even be available in your city – or state – so [...]

  • Interview Questions

    Biopharma companies usually operate in a high-pressure, deadline-oriented environment. To qualify for roles at these companies, you must possess specific skills and aptitude. Whether you are applying for a clinical trial manager role, an emergency nurse, or a biostatistician, technical and behavioral questions will likely be part of your interview process. This article will [...]

  • Biopharma Landscape

    With the pandemic, biopharma companies saw a shortage of staff as people were quitting in large numbers. Great companies attract great talent. To be a great company, there are certain steps you can take to ensure top talent stays at your company. In this article, we will discuss steps biopharma companies can take to [...]

  • Medical Device Industry

    There are certain genetic traits that every manager must possess, however, in the medical device industry a manager must be equipped with certain knowledge and skills that are strongly oriented to the medical field. Hiring a great manager will bring direction, brilliance, and leadership to your team. Here are some qualities and skills every [...]

  • Medical Writer

    Medical writers specialize in writing scientific or research-related journal articles or documents. Some medical writers may also write for health blogs and websites. One of the core skills of a medical writer is knowledge and expertise in the subjects they are writing for. While in various other professions, employees may learn some skills on [...]