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  • Medical Writer

    Medical writers specialize in writing scientific or research-related journal articles or documents. Some medical writers may also write for health blogs and websites. One of the core skills of a medical writer is knowledge and expertise in the subjects they are writing for. While in various other professions, employees may learn some skills on [...]

  • The role of a clinical trial manager is one of complexity, challenge, and fulfillment. It’s also one of the fastest-growing sectors in clinical research. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need to fill clinical management positions outpaces the job growth of other vacancies in the same industry. Biomedical labs, hospitals, and pharmaceutical [...]

  • Clinical project managers know how to pay attention to detail. Clinical research projects depend on their project managers to coordinate every aspect of a trial. During the process, the clinical research manager will take on multiple roles. However, their precision and focus on timing can make – or break – a research trial. Why every [...]

  •   Biotechnology opportunities are more abundant than Petri dishes in a lab, and there are almost as many niches to which you can devote your career. Pharmacology, infectious disease control, and prosthetics engineering are some of the specializations from which you can choose. Your training and/or degree in biotechnology may give you entry into one [...]

  •   You know the clinical research industry, and you’ve got the hard skills needed to perform well in your chosen career. But what about your soft skills? Although your work in clinical research will be exceptionally regulated, you’ll be expected to communicate well, accept constructive feedback, work with little supervision, pay attention to detail, accept [...]

  • Finding top talent for your company is one of the most challenging processes along the journey axis of the recruitment process. But, if you manage to hire one, keeping the employee is the most demanding process.  Retaining your best employee requires tactical measures so that you won't lose the employee to your competitor(s). The best [...]

  • The last several months introduced many changes in the global workforce routine. Companies have to adapt to the new norms to avoid losing their customers. The new norms introduced into the multinational workplaces have opened the eyes of many organizations to remote and hybrid models of work. According to the statistics on Google News, 55.2% [...]

  • There is a shortage of talent in clinical research. However, recruiters for researchers in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry can use various strategies to overcome this shortage. The proper process allows you to reach the right talent and retain it. Understand the Reasons for the Talent Shortage Before you can overcome the talent shortage, you [...]

  • There is currently rapid growth in the medical device industry, which translates into growth in the number of high-paying jobs. Explore the development of the sector, as well as what this means for jobs within it. The Rapid Growth of the Medical Device Industry For several years now, experts have projected a favorable outlook for [...]

  •   The best organizations continuously look for ways to improve the hiring process, especially for the most crucial roles, such as managers. To find the best people, produce meaningful work, and increase retention and loyalty, we need to reevaluate the hiring process. Questions about a person’s past accomplishments or their behavior in a situation do [...]