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  • If you are working in clinical research right now, then you may have abandoned any sense of a work-life balance during this stressful time. Working remotely with the uncertainty of how the industry will fare in the midst of an economic slowdown can be unnerving. For some, it means working longer hours to keep yourself [...]

  • The hiring process is just one of the many different aspects of life that has been impacted by COVID-19. As biotechnology recruiters, we’ve certainly had to adapt our process to overcome these new challenges, while still meeting the demand of our clients. Shelter in place orders have been issued by many governors across the U.S., [...]

  • While many CRAs work remotely all the time, for others in the CRO and biotechnology industries the move to remote work will come with a variety of challenges. One challenge is communication. People are more adapted to communicate in person in their daily lives. When working from home, miscommunication can occur if you’re not used [...]

  • Like most other regulatory agencies, the FDA tends to be methodical and slow. However, as the coronavirus crisis sends us into uncharted territory, the FDA has changed its approach. The agency is trying to be adaptive and flexible so they can respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in a timely manner. Here are some ways the [...]

  • Leadership style depends on your values, skills, and experiences. It takes the right combination of these to be a successful boss. From effective communication to having a positive attitude, having core leadership qualities is important if you want to recruit the most talented candidates and keep moving ahead in the biotech industry. But it’s often [...]

  • Self-care is usually the first thing that people compromise due to the pressure to excel in their professional lives. This “keeping up” mentality is what leads people to career burnout from working long hours and neglecting their personal welfare. It’s difficult to juggle personal and professional obligations at the same time. But if you’re feeling [...]

  • In a talent shortage, the ability to retain skilled professionals can make the difference between organizations that thrive and organizations that struggle. Life sciences is one area that is helping to bolster the U.S. economy, yet there aren’t enough quality professionals to fill all the vacant pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research jobs in the industry. [...]

  • It is an exciting time right now for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, particularly in the clinical trial sector. These are some of the major developments on the horizon for pharma and biotech, including research into innovative new vaccines, opportunities for job creation, and research into branding. Research on New Coronavirus Vaccines Concerns about the [...]

  • Every pharmaceutical and contract research organization needs an effective employee incentive program. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a complacent, unmotivated team. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to tell if your incentive program is working or not. Here are four signs you need to enhance your employee incentive program. 1. High Turnover If you experience [...]

  • If you’re employed in pharmaceuticals or the biotech industry, it can sometimes be difficult to know if you’re in the job that is right for you. It is more than just a question of whether you like your job or not. Most people love aspects of their job and dislike others. Here are five reasons [...]