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Best Hiring Practices & Tips for Advancing Your Career

  • It's easy to be a hiring manager in the life sciences...said nobody ever. The truth is that the recruiting process is becoming more challenging, and it requires a very creative strategy to be successful. For instance, it can be not easy to get candidates to consider your job offer when they are receiving several others [...]

  • Expanding your business network provides you and your company with more opportunities. You may find additional business partnerships, candidates to fill leadership roles, or new opportunities in your industry. The following methods will help you expand your business network. Your Network is Your Net Worth Before exploring how to expand your business network, refresh your [...]

  • When accepting a new position, often the coworkers are the last thing you think about. You see your coworkers nearly every day and likely have to collaborate with them on specific projects. So, thinking of working with someone you don’t like can make things difficult. Working with someone you dislike can be so mentally daunting [...]

  • The COVID-19 global pandemic changed the pharmaceutical industry in many ways. Two years ago, these same trends didn't get much attention at all. The top four items we talk about below are some of the greatest changes the pharmaceutical industry has seen since the onset of the pandemic. In efforts to stay relevant and accessible, [...]

  • In a world of increasingly remote and project work, you cannot undermine the role of contract hiring and staffing companies in the clinical and biotech industry. A recent study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that about 15 million Americans are independent contractors. Before, contract hiring used to be designated only for stages [...]

  • Job hunting in the life sciences and biotech industry can be challenging. You see an online ad for the perfect job role and apply immediately, and days later, you may not hear anything back. You may start to question yourself. With each lack of response, your confidence is affected. The fact is, several people have [...]

  • Who would've thought the year 2021 would be so turbulent after the New Year Celebrations? Few could have predicted the sudden economic meltdown that came with it. Even fewer could have envisaged the extent to which new needs and regulations would impact almost all sectors' growth. As the pandemic festered, we saw the rise of [...]

  • As we took off on uncharted territory, we hoped for a lasting solution. In the corporate world, it was a different ballgame. While some businesses quickly adopted emerging trends to stay in operations, these rapid changes forced others to halt altogether. Despite it all, we see leaders who looked beyond the murky situation and devised [...]

  • As companies in the biotech and clinical research industries rapidly transition to remote work environment, organizations are trying to figure out how to not only keep up with their ongoing diversity and inclusion initiative but strengthen them. These tips will help you cultivate inclusion in the workplace remotely. Start with an Inclusive Recruitment Process It [...]

  • Making the right first impression during job interviews has always been important. However, it matters even more now that a lot of companies in the clinical research field have moved their interview process online. Here are some virtual interview tips that you should know to push you forward in your job search. Be as Prepared [...]